Gender Male
Species Humanoid
First Appearance Night 2
Starting Location N/A
Lockjaw is the main antagonist in The Return To Freddys 3.

Appearance Edit

Lockjaw looks like a human with red blush on his cheeks. He wears a fedora. His shirt color is blue, and his pants color is black. His upper jaw is broken in a way so his mouth is still open when his jaw is closed. His skin looks like a darkened white, probably from being so old.

Behaviour Edit

He wanders around Fazbear Fantasy Land, starting on Night 2. If he is close to the office, the player must use a cam door. If he gets in the hallway, the only thing you can do is not look to the right.

Trivia Edit

In this game, Lockjaw has a dead child inside.

Lockjaw is 40 years old as confirmed by the ending newspaper.

Lockjaw (TRTF4)
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance Night 1-2
Starting Location Cam 11
Lockjaw returns as the main antagonist once again in The Return To Freddy's 4.

Appearance Edit

Lockjaw appears similar to his TRTF3 look, but his head appears to have been fixed. His endoskeleton feet and shoulders are showing.

Behaviour Edit

Lockjaw will start in Cam 11, he will then go to one of 2 closest cams, then to Cam 7, Cam 3, then Cam 9. Lockjaw will then walk past the office, then appear standing inside the office, with his head twitching. The locker will not work for Lockjaw, so you have to release steam when he is inside. If the player does not, he will kill the player.

Trivia Edit

In Nightmare Fuel, it is revealed that Lockjaw's real name is Frank Burt.

It is also revealed Lockjaw was the first animatronic created.

More info soon.

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